May 11, 2019

TOP NEW EXCITING RETREAT TO GO TO FOR 2019 It is different to all the others, unique, well priced, gorgeous resort on top of the forest, yummy food, unique programme and teachers, you get qualified in cert 1 in Reiki and its

April 11, 2019

4 ELEMENTS RETREATS (How it all started) 4 Elements Retreats was created by yours truly here . I was sitting around and thinking about what kind of retreat I would like to attend and as I looked through many retreat websites including

March 30, 2019

What is the Pag Triangle? The Pag Triangle is named for its location on Pag Island in Croatia, and it’s a seemingly weird phenomenon. In May of 1999, a Croatian surveyor named Zdenko Grbavac was working near a hill called Komorovac when he came across

March 20, 2019

What is Cacao Rapeh Ceremony? With the help of the Cosmic vibrations our beloved plants Cacao & Rape’h (With the Ancestors we are brought into a deep loving heart space within. To shed the layers of old patterning and belief systems that no longer

March 13, 2019

Who are the Blue Avians? Raw-Tier-Eir Blue Avians are 8-foot-tall, avian humanoids covered with indigo-blue and violet feathers, varying on an individual basis.[1][2] This is the same group which identifies itself as Ra from the Law of One.[1] They are 6th density.[3] The Blue Avians and

March 6, 2019

Who are the Mantis? Not much has been said about the Mantis Extraterrestrials. There is so much talk on the Pleidieans, The Arcturians, The Draconians, the Reptilians, the White Nordics and so many others and I have learned that very little known

March 3, 2019

What are Orbs? Orbs can appear in many different colors. Find out what the colors mean, and what it conveys about the orbs, or the orb’s message to you with the below chart. While most orbs will be white in color, they can be found in a variety of colors.

February 3, 2019

What is 4 Elements retreat about? 4 Elements Retreat Croatia is different to any other retreat in the world.. Our Retreat which is being held in Croatia happens to be on the most beautiful part of Croatia called Istra.  Our retreat is

January 23, 2019

What is Ormus? ORMUS, also called ORMEs (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements) and m-state materials, is a fictitious group of substances exhibiting many miraculous properties, such as healing powers and superconductivity at room temperature. Ormus contains all of the minerals and elements that are sadly lacking in

January 17, 2019

Who are the Arcturians? The Arcturians are compassionate and benevolent extraterrestrial beings that are assisting humanity during the Ascension Cycle in accordance to the Guardian Host Law of One protocols, they are the closest example of our future humanoid family that has undergone a 5D ascension process, that is