March 20, 2019

What is Cacao Rapeh Ceremony?

With the help of the Cosmic vibrations our beloved plants Cacao & Rape’h (With the Ancestors we are brought into a deep loving heart space within. To shed the layers of old patterning and belief systems that no longer serve our higher selves and spirits. As we move into a higher frequency we are able to see, sense and feel on a deeper level that we are our own masters. Shining our love and light vibration into the core of our sacred Mother Earth and out into the Cosmos of the One Source of that which we all are.  (Cacao Rapeh Ceremony)

The Cacao is 100% Raw Wild from Peru. 

Rape’h is a wonderful medicine that helps to activate your chakras and pineal gland, helps heal the liver and gives mental clarity supporting the balance of human beings.

This medicine is prepared by tribes of the Amazon region of Brazil and Peru.

What can I expect from the Cacao Ceremony with 4 Elements Retreats holders?

I along with my friend and business partner Goran Lackovic will be holding the Cacao Repah Retreat Ceremony at each of out retreats.

I love making a cup of nourishing cacao before my meditation or during group gatherings. It’s a powerful tool to go deeper in your inner work, whether it’s journaling, visualization, or shamanic journeying. In my experience, cacao ceremony can also assist in energetic healing and receiving clarity in the areas of love, purpose, intuitive abilities, career and personal growth.

The preparation

  • We suggest not to have such heavy food at least 3 hours before the ceremony starts.

What You will need to bring along

  • We suggest You to wear a comfortable clothes, yet keep Your body warm as the ceremony takes place in the evening time and during the journey often the body feels cold.
  • The session will be sitting meditation and lay down during the journey. Feel free to bring pillows, blankets everything cosy and comfy.
  • You can bring Your important items to be part of the ceremony. We will prepare the Altar and You can leave Your sacred items on the Altar from the beginning to the end and You will bring it back with You.
  • We suggest You to drink a lot of water at least one hour after drinking Cacao and through the evening/night to keep Your body hydrated.

Important: If You are taking any anti depression and other medication, please let us know in advance.


The Benefits of Cacao (Rapeh) for the mind, body and soul?

  • Helps focus and sharpen the mind.
  • Clears a person or space of distracting, bad energies in preparation for intention setting.
  • Detoxes both body and mind and clears your energetic field. Because of this, rapé is often used in conjunction with ayahuasca ceremonies.
  • Clears sinuses of mucus and bacteria, thereby helping to combat colds and respiratory ailments.
  • Provides a calming, grounding effect on the emotions that lasts much longer that the initial sensation.
  • Can be used in conjunction with other treatments for addiction and mental illness.

Where can I find out more about the Cacao and your retreat?

You can find our upcoming Croatia and Bali Retreat on and you can also email me on

for any further info.




About Sandra Skender

I am a 4th generation Psychic Medium, also a Reiki Master and Spiritual Advisor. From the time I was a little girl I can remember seeing spirits. I would see them in their energetic form rather then their physical form and to this day, I still continue to see them as such. One particular experience I remember so well: About ten years ago a friends Dad passed away, so a few days later, I went to visit my friend to see how she was doing. We sat down, drank tea and chatted next to a shrine that she had made for him. During our conversation I felt very strange and began to feel goosebumps everywhere.