May 25, 2021

How hexagrams and freemasonry are leading the world of God into mere darkness, the steps which one can stop them from their plan?

Hexagrams and 32nd-degree freemasonry.

What are  Hexagrams?

Hexagrams are an esoteric, non-existent geometric symbol that has always been associated with occult worship.

As a symbol, I have always associated the regular hexagram with the Jewish religion and Israel.

Kabbalah is an ancient occult knowledge associated with Judaism, the practice of which has never been bewitching.

The Unicursal Hexagram is also associated with the GD and Thelma’s Law as given by Alistair Crowley.

He was an infamous Satanic Leader of the Temple of Satan.

The Hexagram is widely used by the Freemasons and the 1% percent as I call them.

The ones that control the media, the entertainment industry, the sporting industry, the pharmaceutical industry (big pharma)

Big pharma companies are jabbing you with the Covid vaccine.

Spiking it with potassium chloride known for inducing heart attacks as well as many other chemicals which I will get to in my next blog.

However, there is no such concrete evidence to claim such assumptions, while the Jews proudly associate the symbols on their flags “The Star of David”.

The Star of David (Hexagram)

The Start of David also recognized as “Magen David”

What is thus perceived represents an alien supernatural power, widely used by the occult brotherhood.

The occult fraternity, that I mean the Rockefeller, Rothschild, Secret societies, and the freemasonry.

Freemasonry has had its name changed from the “Knights Templar”.

The Knight Templars had a very deep impact on the socio-political paraphernalia in the 11th century (medieval era).

Carried out the secret mission and were later declared outlaws by the reverend Pope Clement V of France.

The Templars were accused of idolatry and were suspected of worshiping either a figure known as Baphomet.

Reverend Pope Clement even has a religious edict passed that completely disbanded the Knights templar.

The Latter being accused of heretic a belief that is totally opposite of an established belief system.

In order to escape apprehension they devised to shun the name and arise with another name “The Freemasons”.

The Scottish rite of freemasonry established in Scotland and gradually began spreading the teachings and its principles.

The below photo was taken by yours truly in Zagreb Croatia and I have seen this Hexagram many times in the sky here.

Hexagrams and freemasonry

Hexing and  3nd  Degree  Freemasonry…

The protagonists of freemasonry are the popular 12 royal bloodline that includes Rothschild, Rockefeller, and a few others.

They happen to control our world everything from TV, Food, and Medicine moving with speed to establish their law.

Now they’ve taken to writing messages in the sky a form of symbolism to lure people into their trickery and mischief.

Why? I see it as a clear message to say WE are in control, I say, you can herd the Sheep but there are plenty of Lone Wolves among us.

When you are done with the Sheep there is more than 1% percent of US standing strong and we show no FEAR.

I have known about these people for over 20 years for they came into my life when I tried to expose them when very few knew about them.

Their threats never scared me, when you are sent to Earth for a mission and the light stands behind you

The path to Glory and when Mother  Gaia shows you daily signs of  Miracles and sends her  Love back to you there is little that can hold you back.

When you are shown their game, their  signs  their  favorite  numbers  which consist  of 1, 2,3 4 5, 7, 8, 10, 11 12,

And of course   666, also use sacred geometry to predict events. (Numbers and letters) 

It’s actually very simple once you learn about it.

You will see the sign of the Hexagram on many buildings.

Freemasons also use the hexagram structurally when they are building.

There are many hexed buildings as I call them across the world, airports, towers, the pentagon…

What does a  Hex do?

If you say that there is a hex on someone or something, you mean that there seems to be a supernatural power causing unpleasant things to happen to them.

According to fantasy lore, the ‘hex’ is a negative spell performed by witches.

In this case, it is the 1% and it can bring about anything from great misfortune to serious physical harm.

The term is derived from the German word hexe, which means ‘witch.’

It evolved from something women were hung for to a spiritual lifestyle that many people take very seriously.

Now that  I have your attention I hope that  YOU will be looking at the Sky a  lot more now than on your phone.

I believe that the more people we can get to look at the Sky the more Sleeping Lions we can wake thus take our POWER back.

The Light is on our side and after a storm, a rainy day, the Sun, the LIGHT always SHINES.

The Types of  Hexes –Hexagrams & Freemasonry


The Electoral Hex

This controversial method of hexing is available to most citizens who reside in democratic jurisdictions.

It can be implemented when the target of the hex is a person whose authority is contingent on an election.

Either to establish that person’s authority or to reestablish it in the case of incumbency.

This type of hex is known colloquially as voting, and typically uses a paper or electronic talisman known as a ballot for transmission.

The talisman is prepared by the voter and then cast – much like a spell – to release its power.

It was recently used on former President Trump by a bunch of Witches. (I love Trump and predicted his win before the Simpsons did)

The Deplatforming Hex

This is another controversial method of hexing, largely because the power will go to great lengths to stave off any erosion of their power, which deplatforming can represent.

They create compelling arguments against deplatforming people, no matter how terrible the ideas these people are espousing.

Many practitioners see through this line of thinking by realizing that every sinister action carried out in the world started as a bad idea.

Ideas are viral; transmitted from one mind to another and have the potential to be amplified by the far-reaching platforms used by people today,

The interruption of this process of transmission may prevent the unwholesome actions which would inevitably follow if allowed to flourish unchecked.

I call these social media  Energy vampires which are hired by the  1% to create FEAR  and  Confusion in our own minds.

How to protect yourself? (Hexagrams & Freemasonry)


  1. Sage smudge, sage smudge, sage smudge. DAILY.

When you wake up and before you go to bed.

The moment your eyes open, wrap yourself in the light like a sheath or cocoon and call in your guides.

Smoke from head to toe – It won’t hurt your lungs or your throat –

And choose a crystal to keep close to your heart all day, charged with your highest intentions.

When you get home from work –

shoes off, smudge again and release whatever you may have ‘picked up’ or has ‘hooked into you’ during the day.

Forgive and forget it all, because technically, it’s now in the past and hence, doesn’t exist anymore.

Shower and before heading to sleep visualize yourself in Archangel Michaels Wings surrounded by his white beautiful light, breathe in the light, feel it and breatthhheeeeee…

  1. STAND UP!  BE COURAGEOUS!  DON’T FEAR ANYTHING!  LET GO OF EGO!  There are 99 percent of US and 1 percent of them!!!  Also remember, we are fighting for OUR Children!!  No MF messes with God’s Children!

PS.. the highest order  of the Freemasons  is the  33rd  degree .. I just thought  Id mock them like they do us 



Sandra x




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I am a 4th generation Psychic Medium, also a Reiki Master and Spiritual Advisor. From the time I was a little girl I can remember seeing spirits. I would see them in their energetic form rather then their physical form and to this day, I still continue to see them as such. One particular experience I remember so well: About ten years ago a friends Dad passed away, so a few days later, I went to visit my friend to see how she was doing. We sat down, drank tea and chatted next to a shrine that she had made for him. During our conversation I felt very strange and began to feel goosebumps everywhere.