March 20, 2022

What is  Manifestation?

In the simplest terms, manifestation is putting your intention towards something that you hope will happen, then watching it happen in real life. In other words, if you think it, it’ll come true. IT WILL

Of course, it’s a bit more complex than that. “I use  manifestation daily, I see it  as  being a creative force in your own life,”  I  am  a Psychic  Medium, Life Coach and Intuitive  Healer, and I apply the  practise  of manifestation onto all my clients  and  so far I have had  a  great sucess  rate!Essentially, manifestation is creating your life as you would like it to be.

We are   always creating and manifesting in our own lives, but subconsciously. When we become conscious of the power we have to create our lives as we’d like to live them, that’s where manifestation comes in. “It’s really powerful when we become aware enough to say: this is something I’d really like to experience in my life,” “Let’s say it’s a job or a relationship or an amount of money or a feeling in your body. Manifestation is really about understanding what it is that you want for your own life experience, and then creating those outcomes.”

How to Manifestate, the 369 Nikola  Tesla Method

I have  been using  the  369 Nikola Tesla  Manifestation Method  for many years  now. The Nikola Tesla 3–6–9 manifestation practice is a paradigm of practiced and repetitive thoughts throughout one’s day that serves as a tool. Its purpose is for an individual to manifest or bring forth anything they desire from the Universe/God. This is done by the use of consistent and particularly-worded affirmations that help the subconscious mind to believe that you already have what you desire.

Get a pen and paper and start with this technique as soon as you wake up. An example statement similar to the one I am currently practicing: “I am so grateful for my job at ____. It exceeds my expectations and I am treated with respect and thoroughly enjoy my work. I am so excited to have the chance to embrace my passion for ________ each day at a job with benefits. I feel that I am valued by my supervisor and team and I am so grateful.” You can request specific amounts of money, a specific location, benefits, or position of course. The more specific, the better.

Each morning, you will write the same statement down three times, and try your hardest to avoid any other distractions. It it important  that you stay focused and enter a place where you are on the vibration of receiving.

It is very important that this message is seventeen seconds  long. According to Abraham Hicks, the law of attraction and manifestation expert, seventeen seconds of pure thought is what gets the ball rolling and ignites the start of manifestation. During these seventeen seconds, we should not negate our desires or allow any doubt to creep in. This will deflate the momentum and serve no purpose at all. Though challenging at first, practice makes perfect.

Avoid becoming frustrated if your mind strays during these seventeen seconds. Also, steer clear of promoting any feelings of obsessive intentions or underlying feelings of lack. For if you are unable to control doubtful feelings, you will create resistance and nothing will come of all your hard work. Take a step back, center yourself, and come back to reciting your affirmations when you are at least in a neutral mindset.

You will eventually, sometimes quickly reach a point where you truly, deeply feel that what you are asking the Universe/God/ Source/etc, for will come to you in reality. If you are new to intentional manifestation, in time you will come to know the wildly different feelings of lack vs. true knowing in your heart that your desires will come to fruition.

 Say Goodnight by Affirming Your Deepest Desires 🌝

Before your head hits the pillow for the night, it’s time to get out your notebook and write down this affirmation again nine  times. This will be followed by you reciting it nine times out loud immediately before sleep. This is such a crucial step because, during sleep, our brain does a lot of consolidating what it has accumulated during the day.

Without any external distractions that could potentially affect our vibration, we should take advantage of letting those thoughts sit in the mind undisturbed. It can be the fast-track way to reprogram your mind when utilized effectively.

Why the  numbers  369

The synchronicity of these particular numbers is in direct correlation with the Universe. The number three is the direct link to Source/Universe.six  represents the deepest strength we have within ourselves. nine  is in accordance with moving on from the past and helps release any feelings of self-doubt or negativity.

My  offer

As a Reiki Master and Healer  I have created a  method  which i will talk about in my next  blog where I  use  Healing together with Manifestation and have  had  extremely good results.

I am happy  to  offer  all of you the first session for  100 USD.  When used  with healing the  369 method is  an extremely  powerful tool where you will  see results!

You can contact  me  via  or directly through my  website.


About Sandra Skender

I am a 4th generation Psychic Medium, also a Reiki Master and Spiritual Advisor. From the time I was a little girl I can remember seeing spirits. I would see them in their energetic form rather then their physical form and to this day, I still continue to see them as such. One particular experience I remember so well: About ten years ago a friends Dad passed away, so a few days later, I went to visit my friend to see how she was doing. We sat down, drank tea and chatted next to a shrine that she had made for him. During our conversation I felt very strange and began to feel goosebumps everywhere.