April 7, 2022

Who I am and  who are  my  Guides?

My name  is Sandra Skender, I am known as Starseed Sandra and  Sandra Angelite. I am a  gifted  Psychic Medium and Healer. I was  born in world  and a country  where  someone  like me was  considered   crazy or mentally  ill. This for a child of  4 years old , when I first  remember  my gifts   was not  easy.

As a  4 year  old   I would  often have  the most  beautiful beings  come to visit me  as  I slept. They would wake  me up and  would tell me  that  I have been sent  to this World  for a big mission. My mission would  end  and  I would  get  to go home  when it was sucessful. As I got older  my gifts got stronger and my guides came through more  and more. I began to see them physically as well as capturing  them in photos.

The beings  were beautiful ray of Lights,  3 would often coming  in and tell me they were  my real  family  from the Pleiadians  and  Arcturus  and  I was  sent here   to my Earth family  for this life. (you can check out  my whole story on my  bio here on my  website)

My Mission of Truth

I was  always connected to nature and all its animals as a child. I would  save birds,  bugs, street dogs and  place  my hands on them  and  would  send them healing and Love. I didnt do too bad, I only had   bird die  on me.  I would  often see a  big  green ray of Light and a Huge White  Blue  Light when I was with the Animals. Later I would learn that  this was Archangel Ariel and Archangel Michael . They have  all  been with me my whole life , they have saved  me ,  they often pop up to say hello, I capture them in photos, they visit me in my  lucid dreams  and  I connect  with them when I Astral travel.

The last few  months all my guides have been coming through with so so many   messages  that I had to share with Humanity and  t he Collective.  The  last 2 years have  been one of the  most  unbearing ,  scary,  intolerable, undendurable, unacceptable, unsupportoable,  painful, excruciating,  opressive  times  for  humanity in this  lifetime! As a Collective we have  endured  so much especially  all of  us that  are here  for the  mission. WE all know the  TRUTH and  now  WE LIVE BY IT!

Messages  for  the LightWorkers and  Humanity

Dear Humans,

3 Days ago a  bright  light SHONE  ON Earth.  The  Darkness  has  left the building!  For those of you awakened  ones and  those  of you here for the mission you felt it  through your whole  body, the light  codes,  the  ascension of  your  mind, body and soul  moving  through your core. I know how  much pain and  suffering WE have all experienced  with the   Darkness, The Cabal, AI, The Evil Snakes , Psy Ops  and  Bio Hacks  having  one  last  GO, one  last  shot  at  taking  away our soul our  minds, misleading  us  and   taking us  away from our mission.

This was  their very last attempt , We are now FREE!  We have  ascended  into the  5th dimension!  Dear Humans, for those of you that  have not yet woken, im afraid you never  will and  will have  to continue  in a 3rd  world where  FEAR  rules  by TELL A  LIE VISON (TV) Media, Corrupted  Governments.


3 months  ago, I was delivered the message that a  bio hack would take place at the end of March, where  AI would be released into the air  to connect  to 5G and  those  vaccinated  .  Call me  crazy but where I live, theres been a 10000 percent   rise in murder, animal abuse  and high rate  of suicide, deaths  from corona  and  of course  you will not  hear this from the TV  or media!! Where I live  was one  of the safest  places in the world and this is  not  so anymore. (Croatia)




Recently  in Zagreb, Croatia  what I said came to fruition. A  6 tonne  drone with an explosive  inside  hit  Jarun (suburb  in Zagreb)  Luckily no one was  injured.

They said it  was  from Russia. Russia was very calm and  commented  with , We  havent used this type of drone since  the 90s. Truth? Yes! 100 percent!

The Truth on Russia and the War?  Well,  Who has  been responsible for the  wars  in the past  decades?? Bush, Obama, Clintons,Rothschilds, Rockerfellers  list goes  on and now Biden!

The biggest pedahile ring  lay  in Ukraine, the biggest  vaccine  KILL  LABS  WERE in Ukraine.  Who was  making  billions  of  Dollars and doing business   here? Hunter Biden and his dad.  Who wont  report this to you?  You know who it  is..

Bio Hack on Croatia 

When the 6 tonne  drone  hit  Jarun (Suburb in Zagreb) not  one  newspaper, not  one  TV station reported what  happened the next day.

I knew  what  happened, I saw it coming..  A friend  of  mine  lets call her Willow, called me and this is what  she  had to say.

After the drone event I went for a walk in Jarun and there  were lots of others walking  and  jogging. All of a  sudden thousands and thousands of  mosquito bug looking  things  came  out  and  they stood in rows, one after the other. It was  so so strange, I could not figure out what these things  are,  they didnt look like  real  bugs , they were too big  and what they were  doing,  it just dosent happen!   Like soldiers  they stood one behind the other,   this was for a few minutes, everyvone just stopped and stared.

After a few minutes they  just  started flying everywhere like crazy and within 2 minutes  they  distrubuted   themselves everywhere, in all directions and  dissapeared.

Artificial Intelligence  Hack

A day after that  another friend called me to tell me that  she was in a Zagreb  Supermarket and hundreds and   hundreds of   huge black bugs were  everywhere.

These  bugs were not sent  by Russia,  Russia is  losing everything, The American government  is gaining everything.   Croatia has been bio hacked,  via computers via  phones,  bia Artificial Intelligence. Its not the  first country and  not the last.

In regards to Vladimir  Putin,  yeah hes  responsible  for  lives  lost  but  he had enough of the pedaphilia, the  labs, the   Children being  used  to work in the  labs, the  mothers  in Ukraine selling their Children to  rich Chinese and American pedaphiles.

When I remote viewed, I saw Putin is dying,  and  on his  list was  to clear this world  of the Pedahilia  the Child Slavery, Exploitation.  Let me   give you some homework..Find a video of  Putin hugging children, then find one from Biden and  one from the Pope. There is  only one  that  is NOT  a  pedaphile!! Do your  own research, they used stand in Actors  for  Wars for  Events, look at the Oscars, All a  big setup to make  you lose focus  on whats going on in the world!!  You are being  watched, wherever you go, whatever  you do, I have  much more to tell you but will save it for  the next  blog.

Everything is  now  hacked, your  laptop, your  pc, your phone!  I felt it even before my guides came through with the  information! There is  no hiding  from the Matrix.


The key is MINDFULNESS .  NATURE.. Free yourself  from  the Matrix that  you are  living  in and rise with US  to the  5th dimension!


I am against  what  Putin is  doing,  you need to  remember though that  what you SEE  on  TV is not  real!  MEDIA  is a  LIE!  I recently  tried to help find a  young missing man from Croatia. I knew where he was,I retraced all his steps,(Remote  Viewing) I called his dad,(no answer) phone tapped..  I contacted the Police. Do you know what happened? They exposed me as  somone wanting  attention, they  tapped my  phone, they  wrote  nasty  articles about me.

Why?Because  the  whole story was about Corruption, Police and Government., this man was never going to be found, it was not  in their  interest.

They did not  want some  Psychic Medium who has helped find  missing people  and bodies   helping with their  affairs  because  if the TRUTH came  out  their   AGENDA  would be over. The money would be  gone.  I contacted  media all over the world  in regards to my story, not  one  paper, not  one  tv station was  interested. Why?  They dont   like the TRUTH.  The Truth is  hidden like  a child  in Ukraine  was, raped, hidden in an undeground tunnel knowing  the next   billionare  is about  to land  to have their pedaphile  party!   IT IS  ALL COMING TO LIGHT , ALL OF IT!  So I finish with MAY THE  TRUTH LAY WITH YOU..


Starseed Sandra  x

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About Sandra Skender

I am a 4th generation Psychic Medium, also a Reiki Master and Spiritual Advisor. From the time I was a little girl I can remember seeing spirits. I would see them in their energetic form rather then their physical form and to this day, I still continue to see them as such. One particular experience I remember so well: About ten years ago a friends Dad passed away, so a few days later, I went to visit my friend to see how she was doing. We sat down, drank tea and chatted next to a shrine that she had made for him. During our conversation I felt very strange and began to feel goosebumps everywhere.