November 25, 2018

Freemasons and Aliens


Thousands of secret societies and Freemason lodges have been start up with the worse intention ever seen. Illuminati and Thule in Germany, Skull and Bones at Yale University, most of all the in 1776 the most important one has been founded from the most powerful men in the city in order t take control of Europe and then United States, creating a network upon the financial system which would be the engine of the western world pyramid power system.

Most of the Nazis moved to Argentina and USA as NASA scientists or

researchers, and then that is why today we see so many of them in Nato, Nasa and int he most powerful position like CIA, NSA, Lobby companies, Banks etc etc

The network is still alive and one of the most dangerous has been founded in Italy, the P2, Propaganda 2 established from US secret service in order to take control of middle east, to take power on East Europe against the so-called communist federation of URSS. They invented the famous FALSE FLAGS that are diabolic acts of social manipulation where false identity attackers allegedly in the name of communism then and Muslim religion today scare people and put them in the FEAR, then they can divide population and address the vote country by country even controlling spring revolutions in many part of societies usually between the right-wing rebels like did from 1969 to 1993 in Italy killing hundred of people and move the vote from Left to Center-Right orientation in the hands men financed from the high level levels of the pyramid. The Freemasons know the truth about our World from the very beginning… They are what everyvone calls ‘The illuminati’ and hold the power in the Universe and most noted are the 33 degree masons being the most powerful. (I have a couple of them following me on my instagram )

Everything on this Earth is about money.. The over 30 million dollar club joined by Beyonce, Jay Z, Lady Gaga, U2 and actually 98 percent of your most favourite actors, reality tv stars such as the Kardashians have all penned their signatures down and joined the so called Illuminati that are run buy the Freemasons. It means one good life on what I call on this shitty planet they have ruined with evil in exchange for all the wealth in the world. When you think about it… something that has been made from a tree (money) runs the World.. and these people have sold their bodies, their heart and their souls to have everything that money can buy.. In my younger days as a Model and travelling around the world I had so many opportunities to do the same but my heart and soul have always been pure.. I physically and emotionally, spiritually LOATH money.. My wish is to go and hide away where no money, power, greed and wealth exists. What these so called Puppets of the Freemasons dont realise is that this life can only last up to 100 years and once you have made this decision to sell your soul no good comes from it.

Il explain… In my readings, mediumship readings, I see Souls trapped for eternity, screaming and crying for me to help them… ( I cannot as I only work with the Light) they are tortured and cry for an end to their suffering.. this I cannot do… Every moment in their torture they are reminded of their wrong doing and their punishment is for eternity. This is why I cannot fathom, cannot understand People that sell their Souls for wealth.. I have so many stories of demons and souls burning in front of me, their souls set on fire because of their wrong decisions.

Aliens Exist… its pretty obvious..


Without educating oneself about the historical narrative about the UFO subject, one will not see the trail of information that clearly made the compelling case that certain branches of Government since the 1940s and 1950s then decided that this subject is too troublesome and disruptive to candidly share with the public.

Contrary to popular belief, the subject of aliens and UFOs is a very deeply layered one. Anyone here with skeptically subjective responses free of an in-depth and accurate understanding of its history and facts aren’t really qualified to comment as though they know the gist of the subject.

1- Between 1952 and 1953, the Robertson panel decided to mute, and control the dissemination of UFO information to the public. And since they knew that the press typically report what authority dictates, they fed the press the information that would draw a conclusion of ridicule from the public. This has contaminated public discourse regarding the subject of UFOs ever since. History of the United States Air Force UFO Programs . Note that they never admitted that UFOs of non-terrestrial origin were not real. The emphasis was always that the phenomena did not constitute a threat; in other words, we have it under control; and the public did not really have a “need to know” as to the details that were actually collected. The articles were carefully worded to manipulate public perception.

There’s no doubt that the Air Force took this conspiratorial position as the historical documents confirmed. Once the US Air-force took this position, how do they come back in current times and inform the public that they’d been lying to them all along and reveal to them that “SOME” UFOs are actually off-world space crafts? The public backlash and outcry would not accept the explanation that the public was being protected for its own good. The fallouts would be EPIC.

If the Air force is obligated to report extremely sensitive information to the Clandestine Agencies in place to secure National Security, they will conspire to keep it secret. That’s simply central to what most Clandestine agencies do. This aligned nicely with the propaganda term “CONSPIRACY THEORY” fabricated by the CIA in the late 1960s to silent critical thinking and legitimately questioning authority hiding secrets from the public. And today, it works like a dream as intended. Everyone from all sides of the spectrum naively uses the term “CONSPIRACY THEORY” like the word “idiot” or the “F-U” word in full ignorance of its original intent.

The above assessment is one angle.

2- The other angle to this narrative is that the information is secretly compartmentalized between the Military and the overlords of the Industrial Complex.

In such scenario, for example, the Roswell disc recovered and all mind-blowing associated technologies are ushered in by the science specialists working for such Industries(not mainstream scientists BTW). Then the technology is secretly back-engineered and used for profitable endeavors by the Military Industrial Complex. When the military is in bed with private contractors, recovered UFO technology will as well be militarized.

When Clandestine agencies, black budget programs carried out through the military with no Government oversight occur, the known government does not have control. So this whole story may be out of the hands of mainstream government.

And finally, let us imagine an alien technology that would neuter the controllers of big companies and the oil industries by pretty much erasing our collective dependency on everything that rely on Fossil Fuel as an energy source. Many of such executives control the workings of the Industrial Complexes. Would they want us, the people, and the mainstream to get their hands on such technology and potentially have access to very inexpensive energy sources?

Many in the scientific community will get very defensive and offended by the idea that back-engineered alien technology contributed to a leap in technological development since the “government” have been recovering alien crashes or other means of alien exposure. Of course science by itself does arrive at some ingenious discoveries. But this would not mean that it would ignore discoveries that would add to the advancement of science.

Why are they concealing UFOS and Aliens from us??

  1. there would be a mass panic / hysteria (I doubt that , but that’s how govt justifies their dirty work and cover ups – 1947 ROSWELL CRASH?)
  2. it would contradict all the holy book which claim GOD is the creator of humanity , so again there would be protests by religious groups and there would be chaos and instability
  3. world politics – there would be arms race because the govt. most probably is shooting  down alien crafts and reverse engineering the technology to create weapons. (isn’t it what we humans are good at?). why would you show your cards to your rivals right?
  4. ‘The Military Industrial Complex’ – the world is run by a shadow government privately owned by a bunch of people who are powerful than any government in the world , they control the government (where do you think trillions of dollars of the US govt. go missing? – ‘The Black Budget’  ). These people are mostly owners of big oil companies and other perishable sources of energy (e.g. Shell). They even control the economy of the world (privatization of bank of America puts the money of every American in the hands of one person). Now lets say the government gives one of the alien crafts to the public for reverse engineering , as we speculate , aliens travel in different dimensions and large amount of space in very less time , suppose a scientist reverse engineers the craft and figures out a new source of energy that is non perishable and doesn’t harm the earth. This would totally bring the downfall of the ‘Military Industrial Complex’ , and the shadow government would go bankrupt , losing its powers to rule the world. so therefore ‘The Military Industrial Complex’ hides the real truth even from the government and hence from the people.


About Sandra Skender

I am a 4th generation Psychic Medium, also a Reiki Master and Spiritual Advisor. From the time I was a little girl I can remember seeing spirits. I would see them in their energetic form rather then their physical form and to this day, I still continue to see them as such. One particular experience I remember so well: About ten years ago a friends Dad passed away, so a few days later, I went to visit my friend to see how she was doing. We sat down, drank tea and chatted next to a shrine that she had made for him. During our conversation I felt very strange and began to feel goosebumps everywhere.